CPE Accreditation Scheme

CPE Accreditation Scheme


Scope of CPE Activities 

The following CPE activities shall be recognised for earning CPE points ─

a.  local CPE programmes provided by accredited CPE Programme Providers (may be connected to hyperlink showing the provider list later)

b.  local CPE activities not provided by accredited CPE Programme Providers but recognised by CPE Administrator based on the information submitted; and

c.  non-local CPE activities organised by non-local pharmacy boards and pharmacists’ associations recognised by CPE Administrator.


CPE points will not be awarded for activities organised by organisations other than the accredited CPE Programme Providers or those recognised by CPE Administrator.


The CPE programme will cover a wide range of activities with different modes of delivery, including online mode and physical attendance, as well as self-study learning. Details of different types of CPE activities and the allocation of CPE points for these activities are set out below ─


CPE Award Scheme


Reference: Voluntary Continuing Pharmacy Education Programme for Registered Pharmacists. Accessed at: https://www.ppbhk.org.hk/eng/vcpep_registered_pharmacist/index.html on 1 June 2024."