CPE Framework Administered by College of Pharmacy Practice (CPP)


CPE Framework Administered by College of Pharmacy Practice (CPP)



CPE committee is formed to manage matters related to CPE.



Terms of Reference

1.  To evaluate and accredit CPE events/programs/courses 

2.  To receive and confirm claims from CPE registrants of their CPE activities

3.  To record them is a CPE Register and feedback to the registrants on their standings

4.  To report to the PPTDC the annual fulfilment of CPE requirement

5.  To deal with any other matters related to CPE

6.  To be accountable to and report all related matters to the Council of CPP




Chairman: Mr Philip CHIU


Dr Wilson LEUNG (Chairman of CPP Council)

Mr Vincent TSUI (Chairman of CPP Academic Board)

Mr Michael LING (CPE Executive)

Ms Vienna LEUNG (CPE Executive Assistant)

Mr Johnny WONG (External Member, Vice President of Society of Hospital Pharmacist) 



Committee Functions

The CPE Executive and Assistant shall collect all the CPE claims from Registrants, examine their authenticity and collate them for approval by the CPE Committee.

Monthly meetings shall be held, among other matters, to approve the granting of CPE points to registrants.  The decision of approval shall be unanimous.

Information will be circulated before the Committee meeting.

The CPE Committee shall operate under the Council of CPP, and be accountable to the Council.



Roles of the CPE executives

The duties of the CPE Executives are to receive, acknowledge receipt of registrant's submission, screen the legitimacy of the event attended, confirm the certificates of attendance/ achievement, pass on the list to CPE committee for approval. The ultimate decision lies in the CPE Committee.



Quality assurance


Performance pledge

  1. To acknowledge registrants within one week of receipt of claim submission
  2. To confirm granting of CPE point within 1 month of receipt of claim submission


Appeal for non-approval

In case any submitted CPE activities not being granted by the CPE Committee, the Registrant shall be informed on the reasons, and an appeal can be lodge to the CPP Council for final judgment. 


Audit of the Register

An audit on the accuracy of the entry to the CPE Register shall be conducted once every year on the 3 quarter (Sep-Dec), by taking 10% or 10 cases of the entries as sample, whichever is higher, to ensure the recording mechanism is effective.