CPE Providers

Roles and Duties of CPE Programme Providers

  1. Set up a dedicated division for coordinating matters of continuing education, and establishing an effective quality assurance mechanism of service for CPE programmes.
  2. Organise CPE courses and programmes for registered pharmacists, and evaluate CPE points to be awarded upon completion of such courses and programmes according to criteria prescribed by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board ("the Board").
  3. Issue proofs of CPE points and/or attendance to registered pharmacists who have completed relevant courses and programmes, and submit the completed attendance records to the CPE Administrators for recording of CPE points.
  4. Submit progress reports and necessary information regularly as requested by the Board and the Postgraduate Pharmacy Training and Development Committee ("PPTDC").
  5. Keep records of all CPE programmes and activities for at least 6 years for easy access by the Board and programme participants.
  6. Seek accreditation from the CPE Administrator prior to the conduct of CPE activities.

Accreditation of CPE Programme Providers by Accredited CPE Administrators

  1. Accreditation Process
    1. The PPTDC will invite various organisations to submit applications for accreditation as CPE Administrators prior to commencement of the programme. After the commencement of the programme, individual pharmacists’ organisations with experience in providing CPE activities could apply to accredited CPE Administrators for accreditation as CPE Programme Providers.
    2. Upon receipt of the applications from local pharmacists’ associations, pharmacists training institutes and/or relevant government departments/statutory bodies, accredited CPE Administrators will evaluate the applications against the assessment criteria set out in the ensuing paragraphs.
  2. Criteria for Accreditation as CPE Programme Provider
    1. Be a local tertiary training institution, government body or statutory organisation, established professional association or society which has been registered as a company or a body with a legal identity.
    2. All applying organisations should be of good repute and members of the governing body of the organisations should be of good standing as assessed by the Board.
    3. Have an objective to promote continuing pharmacy education for registered pharmacists.
    4. Have a suitable track record in organising pharmacy-related activities of not less than 20 hours in aggregate in the past two years prior to application.
    5. Demonstrate that all educational activities offered are not subject to commercial influence.
  3. Continuous Assessment of CPE Programme Provider
    1. Organise activities with not less than 10 CPE points within a CPE cycle.
    2. Submit to the PPTDC an Annual Return Form (Annex) of the accredited CPE activities organised and the present members of the governing body of the respective organisation by the end of August each year.
    3. Regularly review on the quality of the organised activities based on user feedback/complaints received.